About Graninge

Graninge – shoes and boots for all outdoor adventures

Graninge is a Swedish shoe brand, established as early as 1951. Over the years, the Graninge brand has been carefully managed by L&P Nierenburg, a family-owned company founded in 1968 by Lennart Nierenburg. Later, his son Peter also joined the company. In 1997, Peter took over the operations as a whole, although the founder Lennart Nierenburg carried on working in the company until 2002.

Graninge shoes and boots are adapted to a Scandinavian climate and are designed with high demands on quality, durability and smart functions. Although the finish is often robust, the weight is minimal. Over the years, Graninge boots have been used, loved, and even passed on from one generation to another. The collection includes everything from hiking boots and shoes to hunting boots, work shoes, walking shoes, sneakers and Chelsea boots.

Almost all shoes from Graninge have special features and different membranes.

GRANTEX® – Graninge’s own water-repellent membrane, resistant to rain, snow and cold.

Sympatex® – with Sympatex membrane you get a 100 percent waterproof and breathable shoe.

Spo-Tex® – no matter how cold or wet it is outside, Spotex is able to handle the toughest weather conditions. Spotex guarantees your shoes to be 100 percent waterproof.

Craftmanship with production in Italy

Every shoe and boot in Graninge’s collections has been developed with the utmost precision and represents a high-class craft with almost 70 years of experience. Graninges shoes and boots are designed in Sweden and made in Italy and Portugal. They are used as hiking boots, professional boots, walking shoes and work shoes of tens of thousands throughout Europe.