Shoes for outdoors adventures and tough weather conditions

Graninge is well-known for being the Swedish outdoor brand that provides shoes of high quality and good function. Graninge shoes are the choice for those looking for a pair of high quality boots for outdoor adventures and tough weather conditions. Ever since 1951, Graninge has produced boots, shoes and sandals with high durability, sturdy seams and a good fit. The shoes also give the foot and ankle the support needed. Graninge boots are comfortable to wear and even though the shoes are sturdy, the weight is low. In addition, all boots are handmade with craftsmanship from Graninge’s fabric in Italy. The boots are available with both high and low shafts.

When choosing Graninge boots, you will get shoes of the best quality that’s adapted to the Scandinavian climate. If you love outdoor activities, outdoor adventures and walking, you know that a pair of good shoes are very important. In Graninges collection you will find a large selection of boots with high and low shafts. Graninge provides you with the proper footwear so that you are protected against both cold and moisture and can enjoy the fullness of nature. Graninge is the Swedish brand that holds for all sorts of weather. In addition, the boots are so stylish that you would like to wear them even everyday.

Almost all shoes from Graninge have special features and different membranes. We use four different membranes in our production:

GRANTEX® – is Graninge’s own water-repellent membrane that is resistant to rain, snow and cold.

Sympatex® – with Sympatex membrane you get a 100 percent waterproof and breathable shoe. The membrane is an environmentally friendly alternative for those who are extra careful about our nature.

Spo-Tex® – no matter how cold or wet it is outside, Spotex is able to handle the toughest weather conditions. Spotex guarantees your shoes to be 100 percent waterproof.

Vibram® – Graninge uses the Vibram sole in several of its shoes. Vibram is a world leader in sole making and each sole model is designed for maximum comfort, quality and function.

Craftmanship with production in Italy

Every shoe and boot in Graninge’s collections has been developed with the utmost precision and represents a high-class craft with almost 70 years of experience. Graninges shoes and boots are made mainly in Italy and are used as hiking boots, professional boots, walking shoes and work shoes of tens of thousands throughout Europe.